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Pharmacometrics and PK statistics

PhinC increases the efficiency of your drug development with pharmacometrics and statistical analysis.

Multidisciplinary approach for smarter development

Our multidisciplinary team includes pharmacologists, biostatisticians, pharmacokineticists and specialists in clinical development. Thus, you have access to a full pharmacometrics offer. We master the use of the main software necessary to run your analysis.

Our expertise covers PK, PK/PD, PBPK, PK/QT, PK pop modeling and related statistical analysis. This multidisciplinary approach is a real advantage: the results are considered globally, making your development smarter.


Study design improvement

In the context of MBDD and besides the interpretation of your raw data, statistics and Modeling & Simulation will influence the way you plan your development. We use the principle of “predict, learn and confirm” in an iterative way. Our team will help you to adapt your development plan at each step according to prediction results : make your development smart and cost efficient.

Pharmacometrics at early stage: “sooner is better”

Having a solid experience in the field of pharmacometric, we know that this type of analysis is useful in the drug development. PhinC idea is to use Modeling & Simulation since discovery and preclinical steps to give the right direction to your development from the beginning. Data on animals can help for first trial on human. Even sparse data can be useful to build a preliminary model. Use our services as soon as possible in your development.


Did you know ?

The FDA recognizes pharmacometrics as a powerful science to provide sponsors quantitative rational to support clinical trial decision making.

Systematic application of this concept to drug development has the potential to significantly improve it. FDA scientists use and collaborating with others in the refinement of quantitative clinical trial modeling using simulation software to improve trial design and to predict outcomes.