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CRO Selection and Management

During your development process you will have to subcontract some of your critical operational phases. Entrusting those phases to the right actors is an extremely critical choice.


PhinC helps you with the selection and operational management of those entities:

  • Contract Research Organization (CRO),
  • Toxicological center
  • Investigational site
  • Bioanalytical unit
  • Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)
  • Pharmacovigilance (PV) unit
  • Data management

Improve Your Selection Process

Before any selection process, we define together the operational workflow derived from the development plan. This will allow us to evaluate your needs and guide it towards your internal capabilities and regulatory requirements. We then guide you through the selection process:

Building the Request For Proposal (RFP)

Preselecting the entities using our network and knowledge of the market

Assessing the preselected structures and, when necessary, setting up an assessment site visit or audit systems.

In the end, this selection process will allow you to work with the best group of subcontractors.

Manage your CROs Efficiently Over Time

Enriched by our own experience, we are able to strengthen your internal structure by methodically and efficiently helping you to manage your subcontractors on a daily basis.

We ensure coordination between the actors involved in your development in order to continuously adjust the strategies to achieve your goals.

We routinely check compliance with specifications and guidelines by monitoring key indicators and interim results. In the event of an unexpected change, we operate to reorganize the means, resources and processes to fit with your new objectives.