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Integrated Development Support

PhinC development provides integrated consulting to biotechnology companies and laboratories developing a drug candidate. We act from the discovery of the lead to the patient proof of concept.

Development support

Be more efficient

PhinC reinforce your R&D structure in pre-clinical and clinical development of drugs in order to help you to lead the challenging and crucial steps of your program.

Our experts participated to more than 400 phase I/IIa trials in the main therapeutic areas. Our scope covers both new chemical entities (NCE) and biological molecules.

We support our customers in methodological, scientific and regulatory areas of a drug development in concrete terms.

Keep the control

Remain the unique decision maker during all the process of development : PhinC provides you all the information required to take strategic decisions in an enlightened and autonomous way. Make the best choices to succeed in your development.

For instance select the most adapted CROs thanks to our knowledge of this market.

Save time with Model-Based Drug Development (MBDD)

The MBDD prooved its efficiency in clinical development. Our innovative approach : use MBDD as a supportive method from the early phases to lead your drug development in a smarter way, saving time and money.

Our experts use modeling & simulation, predictive tools and powerful statistic methods to extract and reveal substantial information. We adapt your development plan at each step through an iterative process. Click here to know more about our services in MBDD.

Why Integrated ?

  • Unified : we consider your drug development as a whole, not as a step by step process. We use the translational approach to serve your drug development.
  • Combined : we combine our know-how with yours to lead the development in an effective way. We fit to the context of your development program, and remain flexible while ensuring a constant support over the time.