PhInc. Modeling is launched

With this subsidiary we aim to significantly increase our turnover and strengthen our presence in North America. Indeed, the North American market is an important focus for companies developing Modeling & Simulations approaches and Pharmacometrics services such as PhinC Development, as the USA and Canada represent over 40% of the CRO market size (based on the number of trials being conducted in each country/ region).

The launch of a Canadian subsidiary reflects the ongoing commitment of PhinC Development to maximizing value for its Clients and providing superior support for them.

"The success of PhinC Development, a company born in Genopole, is our pride! We carry a strong ambition of international outreach and for that we engage a very voluntaristic policy of partnership with foreign bioclusters, in particular on the other side of the Atlantic. The contacts we made last year in Quebec, with Marianne Duranton, Vice-president of Genopole and Denis Gauvreau, International Director of Genopole, have paid off, and we are delighted. This is our goal: to contribute to the international deployment of the genopolitan companies and thus accelerate their growth "announced Jean-Marc Grognet, General Director of Genopole.

PhinC Development already has a strong track record with many North American pharma and biotech companies.

“We believe that our new subsidiary in Montreal will reinforce our relationship with our North American Clients and Partners by getting closer to them. It will allow us to offer better adapted services and improved response time to their needs ” said Bernard Orlandini, Managing director of PhinC Development. Virginie Gualano, President of PhInc. Modeling, continues “Our new location will also enable us to closely observe technology improvements, forge new partnerships and provide more opportunities to attend key industry events.”

Indeed it is a great opportunity for us to strengthen the company’s implementation in the region and get in contact with all the relevant companies. The team also aims to attend several conferences in North America starting from this year. Setting up partnerships with local specialized companies also figures among the priorities of PhinC Development.

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