PhinC celebrates its 15th anniversary!

15 years of PK Modeling applied to the development of drug candidates.

June 2023, PhinC Development celebrates its 15th anniversary. A journey that began at the Genopole biocluster in 2008 around an ambitious and anticipatory vision of the future of the drug development sector. PhinC then envisioned developing a know-how to provide operational support for the biotechs, key players in the development of drug candidates, from the early stages. PhinC had already anticipated the development and the rise of pharmacometric practices in the development of drugs from phase I. Subsequently, we contributed to developing the use of PBPK by setting up an appropriate offer.

PhinC Development is today a key player in Europe when it comes to the use of modeling and simulation approaches during the drug development process. These approaches are now widely adopted to significantly optimize time and cost before regulatory approval.

We are very proud and humbled by our achievements over these past 15 years and look forward to celebrating this milestone over the year with our clients, employees, and collaborators.” said Bernard Orlandini, President of PhinC Development, along with his associates and co-founders Mathieu Felices and Virginie Gualano.

PhinC continues to provide high quality services and support while providing the best experience to its customers. Indeed, the uniqueness of our strategy is based on a tailor-made support backed by unmatched thorough field experience.

As PhinC Development celebrates its 15th anniversary, several initiatives are planned:

  • PhinC will very soon offer free training to drug developers to provide them with know-how and a global vision of drug development and the contributions of pharmacometrics.
  • Free consulting to provide biotechs with initial advice on the challenges they face during drug development.
  • A donation of 500 euros in favour of an association which fights against climate change.
  • Lots of goodies to win.


Stay tuned !

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