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PhinC Development has highly qualified scientists in clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and biostatistics in a wide range of therapeutic areas. All of them have a deep knowledge in drug development and bring their expertise to develop useful and creative PopPK, PBPK and PK/PD models. Furthermore, our quality system, information systems, document management, regulatory and best practices compliance are internally managed and sustained by our support staff. PhinC Development can also mobilize a pool of 7 highly qualified experts in bioanalysis, scientific writing and medical officers.


  • Bernard ORLANDINI

    Bernard is President and co-founder of PhinC Development. He is an expert in early drug development. With more than 25 years of experience, he held many positions in pharmaceutical industry as Biostatistician, project leader of early drug development and pharmacometrics director. He holds two Master's degrees in physiology & molecular biology and in Biostatistics, and a Post Graduate Diploma in clinical research and epidemiology.
  • Virginie GUALANO

    Virginie is Vice-president and co-founder of PhinC Development. She is a Pharmacokinetic, PBPK expert, and Consultant in Pharmacometrics. She has developed the PBPK practices within the company since 2012 and she manages the PBPK unit. With more than 25 years of experience, she held many positions in pharmaceutical industry as a PK project leader, Head of the Pharmacokinetic unit and Pharmacometrician. She is a Doctor in Pharmacy and she holds two university degrees in Pharmacokinetic and in Biostatistics.
  • Mathieu FELICES

    Mathieu is co-founder of PhinC Development. He is a Pharmacometrician and Biostatistician expert with more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. Team leader of population PK-PD modeling within the company, he previously worked as a Biostatistician, head of Biostatistics and Pharmacometrician. Mathieu holds a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics and a Post Graduate Diploma in mathematics modeling and informatics methods.
  • Sabrina LOYAU

    Sabrina is a Senior Clinical Project Manager and Pharmacokineticist. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, she has held several positions. From Clinical Project Manager to Pharmacist in Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacokineticist, Sabrina has worked on various regulatory issues in a large organization. She is a Doctor in Pharmacy and she holds a Master's degree in Clinical and Pharmaceutical Development.
  • Sarah LEZZAR

    Sarah is an Engineer in Biostatistics and Pharmacometrics, responsible for QT/QTc analysis, PK and PD modeling and statistical analysis related to the clinical development. She worked in several clinical organizations, where she acquired skills on data management and developed mechanistic models on pharmacokinetics. Sarah holds a Master's degree in Clinical Pharmacology Modeling and Epidemiology as well as an Engineering Degree in Statistics.
  • Séverine URDY

    Séverine is a Pharmacometrician with training in systems biology, she is particularly interested in the modeling of biological drugs. Priori to joining PhinC, Séverine developed quantitative mechanistic models on monoclonal antibodies and vaccines within a Lyon biotech company. Séverine holds a doctorate in systems biology in the areas of development and evolution of organisms.
  • Michaël BOILY

    Michaël is Pharmacometrician and Pharmacokinetics Project Leader. Before joining the company, he worked for several years as a Clinical Research Scientist and PK / PD Scientist in pre-clinical and clinical Full-Service CRO. Michaël holds a Master's Degree (M.Sc.) in Pharmacology with specialization in neuropharmacology, as well as a university degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Montreal.
  • Guillaume PLAIDEUX

    Guillaume is a Clinical programmer and Data Analyst at PHINC. Prior to joining the company, he worked more than four years as a Pharmacist specializing in clinical data management on clinical data activities (data management, programming, clinical data review, etc.). Guillaume holds a Master in Management of Clinical Operations and Data Management and is also a doctor in pharmacy.
  • Chiara ZUNINO

    Chiara is a pharmacometrician specialized in PBPK. She is particularly involved in the modeling of monoclonal antibodies and she is working to develop the module on biologicals. Prior to joining our company, Chiara worked in pharmacometrics in a big pharma, and more precisely in minimal PBPK modeling. Chiara holds a doctorate in pharmacy and a master’s degree in PK modeling;
  • Corentin MIT

    Corentin is a pharmacometrician and PBPK Specialist. He completed his doctoral thesis at a national institute specializing in the industrial environment and risks. In particular, he has developed several PBPK models in model species to assess their exposure to different chemical substances (pesticides, plasticizers, etc.). Corentin holds an engineering degree in statistical modeling and a doctorate in environmental sciences.
  • Arman NAZARIAN

    Arman is a Pharmacometrician specialized in Pharmacokinetics Non-Compartmental Analysis (NCA). He will perform NC analysis in CDISC compliant format. Prior to joining PhinC Development, he worked on a PopPK model development of a monoclonal antibody. Arman is a Doctor in Pharmacy and holds a Master’s degree in PK Modeling.
  • Julien PAGES

    Julien is a pharmacometrician in the Population PK unit. He is involved in pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling and simulations related to the clinical development of innovative or existing therapies. Prior to joining our company, he was in charge of analyzes and consulting in pharmacokinetics within a Phase I specialized CRO. Julien holds a master's degree in pharmacokinetics modeling.
  • Ibrahim EL-HAFFAF

    Ibrahim is a PK scientist and is responsible of the execution of non-compartmental analyses. Prior to joining our company, Ibrahim worked on optimizing the usage of antibiotics in intensive care unit facilities through model-informed precision dosing by developing population pharmacokinetic models. Ibrahim has a background in drug development and is currently finishing his master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Alexandre DUONG

    Alexandre is a PK scientist and is responsible of the execution of non-compartmental analyses. Prior to joining our company, Ibrahim worked on optimizing the therapeutic monitoring of antibiotics in vulnerable populations using population pharmacokinetic models. Alexandre holds a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and is completing his doctoral thesis.
  • Marie LASSON

    Marie is a Pharmacometrician specialized in Pharmacokinetics by Non-Compartmental Analysis (NCA). She will strengthen the NCA team as a V.I.E and will be in charge of carrying out the NCA analyses, scientifically evaluating these analyses, and synthesizing and interpreting the results. Prior to joining PhinC Development, Marie worked as a Data Scientist and created Machine Learning models. Marie holds a Master 2 in Stochastic and Informatics Methods for Decision-making.
  • Sylvie WAHL

    Sylvie is a Medical Writing Assistant and Administrative head. She has over 25 years of experience in assistantship and medical writing at CROs and pharmaceutical companies. Sylvie manages all the documentation of upstream clinical studies and study results and has in charge the administrative staff management. She is also responsible for the standardization of all documents, following ICHE3 standards and ECTD format.
  • Régina ONDELE

    Régina has more than 10 years of experience in Office Management in international structures. At PhinC, she will ensure the proper functioning of the various services, and will be responsible for their coordination by managing the administrative part related to general resources, the organization of team work, mail and orders. Régina will also be in charge of monitoring the contracts and schedules of our R&D studies.
  • Thomas DESCUSSES

    Thomas is Legal Manager and is an expert in contract law and pharmaceutical law. For almost 15 years, he has been using his dual expertise with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, CROs and bioanalytical service providers for drafting and contract negotiation, as well as participating in due diligence. Thomas has a Master's degree in Business Law completed with two Post Graduate Diploma in Health/Pharmaceutical Law and in applied Biology.
  • Olivia BUI

    Olivia is a Legal Expert, her arrival will certainly strengthen the Legal Affairs team. Prior to joining our company, she practiced in a law firm for five years, both in advice and in litigation, in the health sector. Olivia dedicates her activity to the pharmaceutical industries, health establishments, biotechnologies and health professionals within the framework of their contractual practice and their legal, regulatory and ethical constraints.
  • Isabelle DAMOUR

    Isabelle is Quality Manager and is in charge of setting up and monitoring the QMS. She has accumulated 10 years of practice in laboratories for the food industry, then 8 years in quality assurance within a CRO and two academic departments. Isabelle gained a specialization in the implementation of the ISO 9001 QMS and was able to understand the regulatory concepts applicable to the biotechnology sector, especially GLP. Isabelle holds a University Diploma in Technology specializing in Biological Engineering.
  • Angélique PRADELLE

    Angélique is in charge of administrative and accounting management. She manages treasury, customer invoicing, daily accounting entry and the development of dashboards and reporting. Angélique also manages the administrative staff and payroll and liaises with the accounting firm. Her degree in Business Administration and her experience of more than 10 years in small structures gives her a global vision of the company in terms of financial management.
  • Mohamed TAOURIRT

    Mohamed is Head of Communication and Marketing and has over 8 years of experience in the field of communication, events and marketing. Mohamed manages the implementation of digital marketing projects and campaigns, such as SEO and SEA strategies and web-marketing. He also creates and sets up various means and tools of communication. Mohamed holds a Master's degree in International Media and Communication.
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