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PhinC Development has an opening position for a pharmacometrician specialized in Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics (PBPK) modeling. The candidate will be full-time dedicated to modeling activities. In the context of drug development, the use of in silico models has gained significant interest and physiologically based pharmacokinetics modeling is a powerful tool which allows the modeling and simulation for several applications in drug development.

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About PhinC Development

PhinC Development is the expert partner for small to medium sized pharmaceutical or biotech companies, who need to move forward in early drug research. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team with thorough field experience, PhinC Development helps to take the best decisions concerning drug development using all existing pharmacology and pharmacometrics modeling & simulation (M&S) tools (PBPK, PopPK, PKPD and simulations). Becoming part of our team will give you hands-on experience and the chance to:


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Job Type: Full-time Contract (permanent)

Contact: If you would like to apply for this position, you can send your resume to virginie.gualano@phinc.fr

French Tech Paris-Saclay
Club Phase 1
GMP - Groupe de Métabolisme et Pharmacocinétique