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For more than 12 years, PhinC Development has relied on scientific talents to progress in an ever-changing market.

A key player in pharmacometrics, PhinC is the expert partner of small and medium-sized pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, which must progress in drug research at an early stage.

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Myra SKERLEP, Pharmacometrician and PopPK Specialist

"During the interview stage, the core values of the workplace were rapidly standing out, accompany and teach what modeling can offer as a tool for a more efficient process of drug development. As a scientist in the field, my role would be key to help within the team to reach this finish line with at heart the best interest of patients. Aditionally, PhinC founders showed this important interest to cultivate the professional and personal growth culture within their organisation! I have been very much delighted to join the company ever since, as I know the organisation core values are aligned with mine and working with a skilled- diverse and experienced team that I know will only push me further." 

Respect of privacy is very important to PhinC Development. We are committed to protecting the personal data of candidates who apply to us. Click here to find out more !

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We are regularly looking for dynamic and motivated applicants in Pharmacokinetics, PopPK and PBPK Modeling, Data science, Biostatistics, etc.

PK Scientist II

  • Permanent employment
  • Full time
  • Urgent
Montreal, QC
Our subsidiary PhInC. Modeling has an opening position for a clinical pharmacokineticist. The position is opened for scientists with a previous experience in PK and non-compartmental analyses (NCA).

PK Scientist I

  • Permanent employment
  • Full time
  • Urgent
Montreal, QC
Our subsidiary PhInc. Modeling has an opening position for a junior pharmacokineticist. The position is opened for both Master’s degree students looking for an internship or recently graduated scientists.
Club Phase 1
GMP - Groupe de Métabolisme et Pharmacocinétique
Paris Saclay
Paris Region Business Club
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