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PK/QT Modeling and Simulation

How traditional Phase I studies can be used to evaluate the risk of QT prolongation using modelling and simulations techniques (M&S).

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PBPK retrospective analysis

Analyse rétrospective du développement d’un candidat médicament à l’aide du logiciel Gastroplus ® (French)

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Population PK Analysis

Dose regimen assessment for oral fexinidazole a new antimicrobial agent of the treatment of HAT: Population pharmacokinetic analysis of fexinidazole and 2 metabolites

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Four Phase I population PK analysis

Combined Population Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Four Phase 1 Studies with NXL104

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Monte Carlo simulations

Monte Carlo simulations in support of NXL103 dose selection

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Six Phase I population PK analysis

Combined population pharmacokinetic analysis of 6 phase I studies with NXL103

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