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Slides PBPK Workshop 2017

Discover and download all presentations of the last PhinC Development/Club Phase I workshop: "Physiologically Based PharmacoKinetic modeling (PBPK): A new Paradigm in Drug Development"

Introduction, PBPK A new Paradigm in Drug Development

Virginie Gualano, Director and Pharmacometrician, PhinC Development

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GastroPlus™ Software General presentation and specific modules

John Dibella, Vice president, Simulations Plus Specific modules: Transdermal, nasal pulmonary, oral cavity drug delivery, ocular, biologic module

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PBPK a Platform for Bridging People & Knowledge in EDD

Neil Miller, DMPK Investigator and PBPK Leader, GSK

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Liver models comparison for drug-drug interaction predictions: From static to mechanistic models

Mohammed H. Cherkaoui, PKPD Translational Medicine Scientist, Medicines for Malaria Venture

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PBPK modelling to derisk Drug Drug Interaction: a case study at UCB

François Bouzom, Director DMPK strategic group, UCB

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PBPK to guide dose selection in EDD and meet regulatory requirements

Thierry Lavé, Head Project Leader/Modelling & Simulation Pharmaceutical Sciences, Roche

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EMA and FDA PBPK Guidance, a Software Vendor Perspectives

John Dibella, Vice president, Simulations Plus

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