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EMF Consulting

As a subsidiary of PhinC Development, EMF Consulting expands our field of expertise in the later phases of drug development.

What is EMF Consulting?

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EMF Consulting aims to facilitate the use of Modeling & Simulation techniques in the pharmaceutical industry in order to bring the best products to the market more quickly and effectively. The relationship between EMF Consulting and PhinC is fully integrated.

Founded by Eliane Fuseau in 2000, EMF is a pioneer and world-leading provider of pharmacometric services. Eliane participates in the effective use of such technology in drug development and actively continues to do so within the EMF and PhinC teams.

Full Services, Even in the Later Phases

Thanks to this particular type of partnership, PhinC is able to establish pharmacometrics throughout your drug development, from the preclinical phase to phase IV of the clinical trial.

EMF Consulting meticulously handles all challenges brought about by the later phases of development, which are quite different from the early phases. This includes study designs in phases IIb and III, and follow-up in phase IV. This later phase development support is designed in the spirit of the PhinC group and also adopts the use of state-of-the-art PK/PD Modeling & Simulation techniques.

Customised Training Workshops

EMF can provide you with customised training in its main areas of expertise - pharmacokinetics, data flow, data quality requirements and pharmacometrics in general. Whether you are data scientists, bioanalysts or clinical development staff, our experts are happy to provide half or full training days in our facilities.

If you are statisticians or kineticists, EMF can offer you “NONMEM workshops”. Depending on your needs, you can attend the workshops for 1 to 5 days. In all cases, you will be able to use NONMEM in an efficient and methodical manner by the end of the session.

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