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In order to provide you with an overall service for TQT studies, PhinC Development has set up a partnership with Banook (Cardiabase), a leading European cardiac core lab.

What is Cardiabase?

Phinc Partners

Cardiabase is a worldwide cardiac core lab specializing in data acquisition, processing, analysis, reporting and archiving for digital and paper ECG and holter monitoring, among others.

Cardiabase also provides assistance to sponsors when designing their cardiovascular safety assessment strategy and delivers quality assured data in strict accordance with each sponsor’s specific requirements.

Cardiabase is now part of the Banook Group, if you require more information, please visit Banook website/Cardiac Safety Page.

Modern Equipment


Logo Cardiabase Banook Group Banook can handle the practical aspects of ECG monitoring by loaning you all the adapted equipment you need for your study.

You can rest assured that all equipment is compliant with international standards (ELA Medical SORIN, GETEMED G.E., MORTARA) and a 24/7 support service to the clinical site is available if required.

Banook possesses the latest state-of-the-art machines, which provide accurate monitoring. Automated digital data processing is performed in order to achieve precise results for later interpretation.

Accurate Analysisgraph.png

In addition to using a data management system, which has been adapted to handle the large amounts of data typically generated in clinical trials, 15 cardiology experts evaluate the ECGs to calibrate the measurements and for qualitative assessment. All measurements and interpretations are systematically checked for reader variability.

In this way, PhinC Development is certain to have access to reliable data in order to construct models and once again improve your TQT study design. Not to mention, PhinC and Cardiabase staff are pharmacology experts. Together, we can advise you based on the full context of your drug development.


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