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Our vision

PhinC Development is a contract research company, which aims to respond to major needs in preclinical and early clinical development.

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About PhinC

PhinC was founded in 2008 by four experts in pharmaceutical sciences with additional skills. The company has since been based in the French biocluster Genopole®, in Evry (Paris area).

PhinC Development is a contract research company which aims to respond to major needs in preclinical and early clinical development. Model-Based Drug Development (MBDD) is our preferred approach to reaching this goal.

However, our strategic position has been to fulfill both the structural and technological inconveniences of pharmaceutical R&D and our principles of independence and integrity.

Ethics & Integrity

PhinC Development makes a point of respecting basic ethical guidelines, starting with its commitment to:

  • Adhering to the best applicable practices
  • Delivering effective advice and results to our clients in a strictly fair, transparent and confidential manner
  • Preventing any over-interpretation of our models and simulations.

We are also certain to proactively declare any potential conflict of interest.

Moreover, we promote the use of Modeling & Simulation (M&S) to enhance development processes and consequently reduce the number of experiments using animals and, of course, overall human exposure to investigational products.

Translational & Synergetic

In our experience, the programs that have most highlighted the therapeutic interest of a drug candidate, are those which successfully:

  • Develop reciprocal relationships between basic and clinical research
  • Bridge the gap between quantitative sciences and clinicians.

That is why we aim to find the right balance between the gold standard of clinical RCT (Randomized Controlled Trials) and M&S approaches which, on the basis of preliminary and/or sparse data, help to optimize trial designs and make critical decisions early in the process.